Education Program

School of Economics & Business Administration - Training the successful entrepreneurs.

School of Economics & Business Administration (SBE) is one of the strong faculties and has its own characteristics of Tan Tao University. School of Economics & Business Administration focuses on training bachelors with good political, moral and health, social responsibility and mastering on basic knowledge of economic, management, social and humanities. Since then, students have the specialized skills in managing and operating of various types of businesses in the market economy and international integration.

The training program has many outstanding advantages

Curriculum of the School of Economics & Business Administration of Tan Tao University focuses on theoretical training along with practicing, right from the first year, students have visited, exchanged and worked with domestic and international businesses and entrepreneurs.

Students of School of Economics & Business Administration of Tan Tao University are always created condition to visit and study at enterprises and companies right from the first year.

In addition, the highlight of the School of Economics & Business Administration is the experienced faculty. Teachers are professors and doctors who are foreigners or Vietnamese but trained abroad. More specifically, students also learn from successful local and international entrepreneurs in many fields.

The difference of the School of Economics & Business Administration compared with other School of other universities is the internship conditions. Students not only practice at local enterprises, but from the second year also have the opportunity to practice at enterprises in the United States and countries in the ASEAN region.

Excellent students are sent to attend conferences and forums in and out of country.

When studying at the School of Economics & Business Administration at TTU, students will be trained in all of knowledge, skills as well as attitudes. In particular, presentation and persuasion skills, time management, human resource management ... and many other soft skills to help students improve leadership skills are the strengths of students of the School of Economics & Business Administration.

Opportunities to work domestically and internationally

Due to studying in a dynamic, multicultural environment and practical experience with domestic and international businesses and entrepreneurs right from the early years of the University, students of the Faculty of Economics & Business Administration confidently step into life with the career that they have studied at multinational companies, large domestic and international corporations with high salaries.

Participating in the start-up competitions when they are studying will create the best conditions for students to get familiar with the business environment when they graduate.

The most surprising thing is that 100% of SBE students have high-paying jobs since they have not received the diploma in hand. Whether an employee, manager, scientific researcher or entrepreneur, SBE students are confident in their ability to succeed.

For employers, SBE students are always the first choice for companies, large domestic corporations, foreign joint-venture enterprises, foreign enterprises, multinational corporations...

Thus, choosing the School of Economics & Business Administration will be a good opportunity for students to integrate with the global economy.

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Lifelong learning is highly valued at Tan Tao University (TTU). Upon graduation, students will be able to continually equip themselves and enhance knowledge appropriate for professional and social development. Therefore, they will be actively engaged in taking opportunities to fill any professional positions. TTU students are encouraged to think independently, while also developing discipline, persistence, creativity, integrity and taking responsibility for the community.

64% of lecturers are foreign or Vietnamese professors and doctors who have been trained abroad.

89% work at large corporations up to $ 1,000

Students are free to express themselves with the type of Club

Training 100% in English

100% Graduates have jobs

Founding Councils and Academic Councils are the leading prestigious professors in the world

Non-profit University under the “Liberal Arts” model of the United States

Tan Tao University applies the curriculum of Rice University, Houston, Texas, USA. Cooperative training program for Medical, Engineering and Economics students with Yonsei University and Konkuk University, Seoul, Korea.