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School of Humanities & Languages of Tan Tao University – Expanding New Horizon

School of Humanities & Languages of Tan Tao University aspires to become a Center for Languages and Culture Studies based on training young, talented and highly – educated generations to contribute to the innovation of teaching in Vietnam and. In addition, School of Humanities & Languages (SHL) was established to equip students with knowledge, skills and necessary cultural experiences to live, work and implement innovation in a global English – speaking environment.

Curriculum has many outstanding advantages

The curriculum of School of Humanities & Languages has a significant breakthrough in order to capture the trend of development in this fast-changing era. Students will study in the Liberal Arts Education model with an aim to comprehensively develop themselves in both cultural and linguistic aspects.

The curriculum based on Liberal Arts Education model helps students develop themselves in culture and language.

Moreover, core subjects and concentration on the fields of Culture – Literature; Translation – Teaching enable students acquire the most accurate and profound knowledge.

Furthermore, School of Humanities & Languages also makes an important difference in the curriculum compared to other universities by updating latest information and knowledge all over the world. Curriculum is constantly updated and renewed to meet the needs, expectations and development of society. Students also have access to diverse resources, technological applications and take advantage of learning resources in the current digital era.

Lecturers are foreigners or Vietnamese people who graduated overseas

Another special thing is the faculties of SHL. Lecturers are foreign scientists and lecturers or Vietnamese lecturers graduated from abroad, with highly - professional qualifications and experience.

Opportunities to work domestically and internationally

Students of School of Humanities & Languages can become specialists in cultural fields, tourism, hotel management, diplomacy, import & export in domestic and international agencies and companies. Students can also carry out the work of a translation specialist - working in book publishing, notary offices, news agencies, newspapers, television stations, radio stations, banks, financial corporations.

Students of School of Humanities & Language are equipped with knowledge and skills to be able to study and work effectively. They are also given opportunities to receive reputable scholarships (Le Thi Xuan Mai – Student of School of Humanities and Languages ​​- excellently received the YSEALI Scholarship for Young Leader in 2017).

If students wish to pursue the pedagogical work, after graduation, they can teach foreign languages ​​in high schools, language centre or start their own business involving in English.

For employers, students of the School of Humanities & Languages ​​can undertake the work of secretaries, foreign assistants in companies, economic groups, consulates, non- governmental organizations (NGO) and governmental diplomatic agencies.

The School of Humanities & Languages of Tan Tao University creates inclusive conditions to support students on their work domestically and internationally after graduation.

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Lifelong learning is highly valued at Tan Tao University (TTU). Upon graduation, students will be able to continually equip themselves and enhance knowledge appropriate for professional and social development. Therefore, they will be actively engaged in taking opportunities to fill any professional positions. TTU students are encouraged to think independently, while also developing discipline, persistence, creativity, integrity and taking responsibility for the community.

64% of lecturers are foreign or Vietnamese professors and doctors who have been trained abroad.

89% work at large corporations up to $ 1,000

Students are free to express themselves with the type of Club

Training 100% in English

100% Graduates have jobs

Founding Councils and Academic Councils are the leading prestigious professors in the world

Non-profit University under the “Liberal Arts” model of the United States

Tan Tao University applies the curriculum of Rice University, Houston, Texas, USA. Cooperative training program for Medical, Engineering and Economics students with Yonsei University and Konkuk University, Seoul, Korea.